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     Adele Vivari is an independent artist born on April 11, horoscope Aries lives, in Kiev, Ukraine. Music was a hobby, but every successful new album created by Adele Vivari brought her life closer to professional musical ambitions.

     Today, Adele Vivari became a world artist with 300 instrumental soundtracks. Adele Vivari is the creator of Atmospheric Electronica for movies and videos.

     She is influenced by Jean Michel Jarre, Moby, and Enigma. The original name of the artist is Kateryna Holovko, but in fact, her stage name is Adele Vivari sounds like an Italian name, which is intriguing and mysterious to the audience, as well as her images and music of special style Dairy on


Facebook https: / / /


     9 music albums were released in 2017 on the best music platforms. The names of the albums:

"Adele Sky"

"Adele One"

"Adele Asia"


"Adele Hot Stream"

"Adele Fusion"

"Adele Angel A"


"The City of 1000 Planets"


     New, 10th Music Album Dragons is a sound project for film production, the incredible fairy tale "Adele and Dragons": you enjoy the exotic and spectacular instrumental electronic music.

     Dragons by Adele Vivari is nominated by the International Association of Songwriters (USA) - Album of the Year 2019. Adele wants to start collaborating with film producers like the French film director Luc Besson to make the musical project Dragons working for a new fantasy movie and travel around the world. The most popular soundtracks of Adele Vivari.

"Not Flawless"

"Sapphire Dragon Spectacular"

 "Damage (Bless Lie)"

"Alejandra", "Revival"

"Adele One"

"Telepathic signal"


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